Rule, Britannia

Was it the same advertising genius that decided to call the Royal Mail 'Consignia' that has now decided to ditch the symbol of our nation, given us by the Romans?

Whoever it was, he/she has handed David Cameron a huge political advantage, which he duly took in yesterday's Mail.

As the depth of feeling for The Mail on Sunday campaign has shown, Britannia is one of those powerful symbols.

She first appeared as a goddess almost 2,000 years ago when the Romans created her as a personification of the British Isles.

She was on a Roman coin during the rule of Emperor Hadrian. And she made her first appearance on a British coin in 1672. (more…)

Apparently the 'citizenship exams' that immigrants have to take if they wish to become naturalised here contain no history.

Those of us concerned with sharing the best from our past may be forgiven for moments of despair.

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  1. Or, as Lord Falkland put it getting on for 400 years ago, “When it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change”. (Useful in staff meetings too …)

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