Susan Greenfield on Greek and Science

Thanks to Rogue Classicism for this link to a Telegraph article.

Bewitched by Bacchae

What have the frenzied wine-worshipping rituals of Greek mythology got to do with the intricacies of the human brain? A surprising amount, argues neuroscientist Susan Greenfield

It might not be immediately obvious why a neuroscientist should be interested in ancient Greek language, literature and history, but I believe the classics and the sciences are synergistic, and will increasingly be so as the 21st century unfolds.

My fascination with ancient civilisations began long before I set foot in a lab. Looking out from the grey and grainy Chiswick of 1960s London, the world of gods and goddesses provided an exotic contrast to contour maps, quadratic equations, dates of treaties, the life cycle of conkers and other classroom pre-occupations.

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This is linked with a Radio 3 broadcast this Tuesday, March 4th 11-11.15 p.m. by Susan Greenfield on Euripides.

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