Message to ArLT participants about the second European Latin competition

Dear All

I hope that you don’t mind me sending a group email to all the participants of the last year’s ARLT Summer School at Cambridge and apologies if it is not relevant to you but you might know someone who is interested and be able to pass on the information. This should be of interest to all A level Latin students and some Classical Civilisation students.

Under the leadership of Anne Dicks, Malvern St James is hosting a second European Latin competition. If you look at the website ( you will find all the necessary information and see that there are very good prizes available. There is also a poster that can be downloaded to advertise the competition in your school.

The competition should be even more successful than last year and it is not too late for other countries to get involved. A school in Italy has just announced that it would like to participate. So if you have any contacts in other countries who would be interested in being a centre for the competition please pass on this email and let us know.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or just download an entry form the website.

Hope to see you again at Uppingham.

Margaret Baird
(Malvern St James)

Lots of useful links on Cambridge site

From Will Griffiths:

Dear David,
On the topic of links for GCSE and A level (Latin and Classical Civilisation), teachers may like to know that we have categorised over 1,500 links on the CSCP website by examination subject, level and board in our Research Centre here:^research_c^intro

The aim of the Research Centre is to provide a quick route to links which
are relevant for particular topics of the various examinations.

All best wishes,


A Level Classical Civilisation INSET weekend for teachers

Now available: full details of and booking form for the A Level Classical Civilisation INSET weekend for teachers which will take place at the Classics Faculty in Oxford in July in association with JACT. Both OCR and AQA syllabi for AS/A2 Classical Civilisation will be covered.

Full details here.

'Resources for Classics' links being revamped

The indefatigable Wilf O'Neill sends a message about his website Resources for Classics. Something went wrong with my email and the message was delayed, but better late than never:

At David Carter's (Classical Workbooks) suggestion, I've added a new 'GCSE and A Level' category to the Links on Resources for Classics and moved the relevant links there. (I also plan – in time! – to revamp the
presentation of links to include annotations and search facilities: could take a while though!)

I have put up an interim page asking people to help with the new links format. Might speed things up a bit as there are currently 446 links and I can't possibly vet them all!


Wilf's site uses frames, so I can't give a direct link to the interim page. Use this link to the main page and navigate to Links from the left hand menu. This will bring up a form for you to report on links. Above the form is the link to the actual links page. If you follow….

Wilf also mentions the Catullus novel we noted here.

The first ten minutes of Radio 4's Open Book at 4pm yesterday had
Mariella Frostrup talking to Helen Dunmore about her new book Counting the
Stars, a love story set in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar. Catullus got
a good airing.