Romances set in ancient Greece or Rome

Someone on the Barnes and Noble forum on 'Romantic Reads' asked yesterday:

Any one have any good recommendations for some good stories that take place in Ancient Rome or Greece? I love historical romance and I have read almost every medieval book out there. I'd appreciate any responses. Thanks.

What would you advise this correspondent (tina1201)?

If she had wanted detective stories, or high adventure, or political or military fictionalised biography, the field is wide. But romance? The two attempts at romance set in the Roman world that I have read were both failures. One was about Hadrian falling for a local British girl – Mills and Boon editors would not have let it get anywhere near publication – and the other was about Pompey, with the heroine going upstairs for a bath ….

There is (are?) Daphnis and Chloe, of course. But, as C.S. Lewis showed us, romantic love was invented in the middle ages, so perhaps any romance set in the ancient world is an anachronism.

Or have I missed some wonderful stories? What about Colleen Mccullough – whom I haven't read?


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