OU introductory video to the Roman Empire

It's small and low-definition, but you can download this 7 minute 10 second video introduction to the breadth of the Roman Empire for nothing, so you might like to have it in your armoury.

The script is there as a pdf, too, so you can identify all the scenes (and tut over the redundant apostrophe in it's!).

You might be interested in skimming the whole unit. “This unit introduces key terms that are essential for understanding the Classical Roman world.”


Slideshow of Pompeii frescoes

The BBC has 10 pictures from the exhibition in Rome that I noted recently.

Some are familiar from posters of previous exhibitions, but others I don't remember ever having seen. Included is a reconstructed fight between Arimaspe and a Gryphon from the Villa of the Mysteries.

Since the exhibition closes in March, we'll have to make a special journey to see it. Over 100 paintings – would it be worth it?

Io Saturnalia

Well there's a relief! After all the pot-boiler newspaper pieces about the Saturnalia and Christmas, we have Mary Beard bringing a bit of scholarship to the subject.

She includes links to Roman authors, but I'm surprised at the one she gives for Seneca – the letter about Saturnalia that was set for A level within living memory. (My audio here)