4th International Festival of Latin and Greek April 4-6, 2008, Nantes

This looks fun. It's for anyone over 13.
Website here

See the brochure here.

Background information here.

Costs are here. Very reasonable, at first glance.

Gallic coin hoard found

The Independent reports the finding of 545 pre-Roman coins during a rescue dig in Brittany before a motorway wreaks its havoc.

The dig unearthed the remains of a large manor house or farm, which is thought to have belonged to the “Osisme” people – a Celtic tribe living in the far west of the Breton peninsula. The coins were probably buried in the farm's boundary embankment.

Newly opened villas in Rome

An AP report tells of two new visitor attractions – remains of opulent villas. The pictures show rather standard bits of wall and mosaic, but there is a virtual tour (for visitors, not on the internet) which will make the visit more attractive.