Radio 3 series on Greek and Roman authors

I have just heard the last of the Homer talks, given by the poet Michael Longley. I do recommend that you listen to these programmes – use the Listen Again facility on the BBC website.

Among this week's contributers were two who have lectured to the ArLT, Barbara Graziosi (at Durham) and Oliver Taplin (passim).

Next week there are four talks on Horace.

They are each evening, Monday to Thursday, at 11-11.15 p.m.

Spoken Latin and the Direct Method

From Keith Rogers

Spoken Latin


In addition to the various ‘conventicula’ held around the world, those who live in the London area may like to come to the monthly meetings which I organise to practise speaking Latin.  Meetings are generally held on Thursday evenings in central London
and involve speaking only in Latin about poems, prose texts or images
which members send to one another in advance of the meeting.  Meetings normally last 2-3 hours.


Participants to date have all been Classics teachers and three of us have attended the ‘conventiculum’ in Kentucky.  I
would especially encourage fellow teachers to come along who might have
an interest in using more spoken Latin in the classroom so that ideas
can be exchanged.


Please contact me at k_d_rogers(at) if you want to attend the next meeting at the end of January.


On a related note, direct method devotees may wish to consult the following text:




at this link:


In addition to the general exercises, there are some images with vocabulary lists attached that may be of use in the classroom.


Keith Rogers