Classics teacher training places – personal view from Brian Bishop

Message from Brian Bishop:

My eyes happened to alight on the 'ex cathedra' article at the end of 'ad familiares' vol xxxii 2007 and in particular the shocking paragraph on the recruitment and training of classics teachers:
"Figures collected by Bob Lister show that, every year since 2000, there have been more than four, and in two years, more than five posts in Classics for every new trainee (i.e. roughly 150 posts for every 30 trainees). Yet it is governnment policy to cut the number of trainee teachers in Classics.
... The demand is there alright: it is the government-imposed strangling of the supply that is so damaging to the subject and unfair to pupils."

We have, therefore, suffered this victimazation for seven years or more.
What have A.R.L.T. and J.A.C.T. and sympathizers been doing about it? What plans are afoot? Can it be that such news escapes us? Have existing teachers not been encouraged by knowing it?

At the rate of decline in the numbers of examinees in Latin at G.C.S.E. and 'A' levels, unless it is reversed -- as we hope from various efforts -- zero candidate point will be reached around 2025. But at the rate of decline in the number of teachers, will that point arrive sooner?