British writers of Latin

Brian Bishop asks for help in a project:
I am attempting to compile a list of British Latin writers of all time.  I have had mentioned Maurice Hellewell, born 1909, author of 'Opuscula Carolo Kerenyi dedicata' and ('Hermes americanus' 1984, p.23) 'De amore vero falsisque dentibus'.   Is he the lost student of Emmanuel College Cambridge for 1928?

My list is inadequately three pages long at present. If anyone is likely to be interested to read, correct or extend, I shall be happy to e-mail it.


2744 photos of the Roman Empire

David Swift has sent me this link to Romanitas. The blog hasn't been updated since June, but, as David writes,

It has an amazing catalogue of pictures in the
Flikr group pool.

On the site's home page, click on the words 'Flikr group pool' to browse the thumbnails.