Roman re-enactment at Ham Hill in Somerset

From the Yeovil Express

The Romans are coming – again!

THE mighty Roman Army will be marching on Ham Hill once again next month.

The Roman occupation of what we now know as the country park near
Stoke-sub-Hamdon is part of the long and interesting history of Ham
Hill and this will be celebrated at a fayre on Saturday, September 8.

The Romans arrived and managed to wrestle power from the occupying Iron Age tribe, the Drurotriges.

The Roman army established a wooden military fort on the site,
probably a good base and stop off point for those soldiers marching
down further into the south west along the Roman road, the Fosse way,
which is now the A303.

Later in the occupation they built a 19-roomed villa of Hamstone,
with mosaic floors and hypercaust heating. Ham Hill must have certainly
been a different landscape to the busy recreational site we know today.

The great spectacle of a marching Roman army and the thrill of
gladiator fighting will be just part of the entertainment at the fayre
on September 8.

Those with a stronger stomach can visit the military hospital, while
others can see the preparation of food and better understand Roman
pastimes. It will be a fun and enlightening day, all for free.

The Ham Hill fayre is open between 11am and 5pm, is free to visit
and will include a whole host of re-enactment groups and exhibitors.

Cllr Sylvia seal, South Somerset District Council's portfolio holder
for leisure, culture and well-being, said: “The fayre will be a
fantastic day for residents and visitors alike to enjoy and immerse
themselves in the history that surrounds this wonderful country park.”

The fayre is being organised by the district council and the Friends
of Ham Hill Community Group and funded by the heritage lottery fund and
with assistance from the Duchy of Cornwall.


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