Cambridge Greek Play website offers audio of Medea

To help prepare actors in October's Medea, James Diggle and Anthony Bowen have recorded long extracts from the play, which Greek teachers will find useful.

The passages are:

  • Lines 96 – 213 (Parodos)
  • Lines 364 – 409 (from 1st Episode)
  • Lines 1002 – 1080 (5th Episode)
  • Lines 1251 – 1292 (6th Chorus)

The site says that the audio is for educational use only (which must mean it's OK to use in classrooms) but not for redistribution. I guess that a teacher who downloads the mp3s for use when next teaching Medea will be acting within the spirit of the thing.

Here's the link.

While you are on the site, you may find the articles by Cambridge academics on character, moral issues, Greek metre and Euripides' vocabulary worth saving. Caroline Vout's piece on Medea in Pompeii appeared only last week, so it's worth returning to the site to see what other goodies may be posted.


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