Watch out for Oedipus at the NT

I had this via our President:

OEDIPUS coming on at NATIONAL THEATRE next year – dates
unspecified as yet.

Ralph Fiennes in title role – wonder if he can match Olivier's legendary
blood-curdling howl.


2 Responses

  1. Acting (the style the personality the staging ) depends on the requirement of age. Olivier was a genius of theater but the present age has its own genius too. Today you can’t do the same on stage what he did.
    Certainly Ralph Fiennes will play it otherwise. After we can debate who is (was) the greater genius.

  2. I love the story of another actor, who had been trained in The Method, complaining to Sir Laurence that he couldn’t find the motivation for some scene or other. Olivier apparently said, “Dear boy, why not just act?”

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