Gordon Brown's school motto

The Guardian confirms what I suspected, that Gordon Brown's school motto is in Latin, and he gave an English version in his first speech as PM:

Gordon Brown began his premiership by saying he would govern the
country according to the motto of his old school – “I will try my
utmost.”Kirkcaldy High School's motto is actually “Usque conabor” (Mr Brown did not attempt the Latin)

9-year-old doing sponsored Hadrian's Wall walk for charity

The website is here for a sponsored walk of Hadrian's Wall.

We can give through the Just Giving organisation here.

They have so far raised £520 towards their target of £3000.

'Exam qualifications worth less than they were' – Civitas report

The Guardian has a summary of a Civitas report, with link to the full report (pdf).

“Essentially a post-Blair A-level is worth a whole grade less than a pre-Blair A-level.”

Although many Classics teachers may feel that the standards required have indeed been dropping, it is important to make some allowance for the consistently hostile tone of the report, written by Anastasia de Waal and Nicholas Cowen.

Tougher GCSEs to be encouraged – but not Latin or Greek

If the government's intention is to encourage pupils to take academic GCSE subjects by including Science and Modern Languages in the league tables – as the shadow education minister commented:

“It will make it more difficult for schools to
artificially boost their league table positions by switching to softer
GCSE options at the expense of academic subjects that are more useful
to children in the long run.”

then it's hard to see why Classical languages are not included.

Anyway, the BBC report is here.