Teacher insists on Latin's importance

Another defence of Latin teaching from the Herald-Mail.

By MARLO BARNHART  marlob@herald-mail.com


HAGERSTOWN – Want to get into a serious debate
with Joseph Scheer about whether the study of Latin still belongs in
Washington County classrooms?

Careful … you'll probably lose.

Even though Scheer is retiring after 26 years of teaching Latin
and English at North Hagerstown High School, he still firmly believes
in the value of studying this so-called dead language.

“Latin is so interesting and it's everywhere,” he said.

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An Australian Erasmus?

Here's a modern equivalent of  Erasmus from Australia. It isn't clear if this is a one-off or part of a series. There's a second dialogue on the website, and an audio version of both. A couple of doubtful quantities (volo with the first o suspiciously long, debeo with the first e not quite long enough …) but on the whole very good.

DIALOGUE 1: Greeting

Bob: Salve, Rolande. Spero te bene te habere.
(Good day, Rolandus. I hope you are well.)

Roly: Salve, Roberte. Bene, gratias tibi ago. Et pater tuus et mater?
(Good day, Robertus. Fine, thank you. And your father and mother?)

Bob: Gratias tibi ago. Bene se habent. Quo is?
(Thank you, they are fine. Where are you going?)

Roly: Ad scholam eo. Magister sum et me discipuli expectant.
(I am going to school. I am a teacher, and my students are waiting.)

Bob: Tecum ambulabo. Cum Ricardo colloqui volo; is quoque magister in schola est.
(Ah. I will walk with you. I want to talk to Richard, who is also a teacher at the school.)

Roly: Bene, eamus.
(Fine. Let's go.)

Bob: Ecce! Pro taberna est Ricardi equus. Credo eum ibi adesse. Ibo ut eum reperire coner.
(Look! There is Richard's horse, in front of the shop. I think he must be there. I will go and see if I can find him.)

Roly: Bene. Hic paulisper manebo, sed breviter ire debeo.
(Right. I will wait here for 5 minutes, but then I have to go.)

Take note of the familiar words: equus – equine
discipulus (?)

case: vocative
genitive …