Learn Greek this summer via your computer

Another useful item from David Meadows: Classical Greek online here.

The group starting on Monday 18th June will be using Hillard and Botting: Elementary Greek Exercises. This is a very old-fashioned book, but, boy, if you get through it you'll know your elementary (well, and not so elementary too) Greek grammar backwards, forwards and sideways.

Something to commend to a dead-keen Latin pupil who wants to learn Greek, perhaps – or even to do yourself, if you missed out on Greek.


Article on Gladiators

David Meadows commends this article in Cosmos Magazine
and it does look good, covering the same research, I think, that was behind the BBC TV programme a couple of weeks ago.

Here, at first blush, is a shocker

What would you make of this?

Because Tenney is the last remaining Latin teacher in London's secondary system — including both the Thames Valley District school board and the London District Catholic school board.

It comes from the London Free Press. It's only by scrolling to the foot of the web page that light dawns. This is London, Ontario.

So, bad news, but not as bad as it would have been had it been about London, England.

View from a Star Wars fan

Just a bit of fun from a Star Wars fan site. As usual when non-classicists quote Latin, the inflexions are wrong. One hopes that the actual oratio was correct.

Harvard Graduation Speech About Star Wars – In Latin!

Posted By Dustin on June 9, 2007

Fan of TheForce.net “skydog” writes in with a cool graduation story.

“Just wanted to give you gyus the tip, my wife graduated from Harvard this morning, and the first of the three student speeches was the annual Latin salutatory (apparently a tradition dating back to the first Harvard commencement in 1642, when of course they studied a heck of a lot more Latin). The speaker, a senior graduating with his bachelor's, gave a speech – in Latin! – titled “John Harvard, Jedi Knight.” He was an excellent, animated speaker, and his speech was hilarious – most especially because of the Latin translations of Star Wars (aka, bellis stellaria) terms. The program included transcripts of both the Latin and English translations – I'll try to send them along later. He even wrote R2-D2 as RII-DII in the Latin translation!

I couldn't help but laugh, since today was my birthday and I had been joking with people that all of Harvard would be celebrating my birthday today. Apparently, they really did know I was coming, and that I'm a Star Wars nut!”

Cool story Skydog! Oh yeah Happy Birthday too!