Vocabulary list for A2 Latin

Dear David

Could I possibly put out a plea to ARLT members via your website?

I am trying to put together a list of commonly used poetical vocabulary for the A2 examination, which features a compulsory verse unseen (currently hexameters from Ovid). OCR do not offer a defined vocabulary list for A2, and I was wondering whether any teachers have compiled a starter list (say, 50 to 100 items) of very common poetical vocabulary such as pontus, tellus, numen, nata/ natus etc. Or perhaps there is a book out there which has a useful and compact list? I know that Roy Hyde’s Latin Unseen Translation has useful Word Lists at the back, but I am really looking for a manageable list of the most important poetical vocabulary which can give my Lower Sixth to revise over the summer. If all else fails I will have a go at compiling such a list myself and contributing it to the ARLT resources page, but I was wondering whether anybody has got there before me!

Many thanks



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