European Qultures E-newspaper

Received today:

Every week a European Qultures E-newspaper is published, which I believe will have your interest. Qultures covers our European culture, both tangible culture such as castles, museums, festivals, and exhibitions, but also culture through ethics, identity, and values. Qultures also aims to present new research on museological and communicative issues in the general “heritage industry”.

Please visit and please send this mail on to other historians, theologians and ethnologists, whom you believe could be interested in joining the community we wish to build across European boundaries.

This up-coming week there will be several articles on Constantine and Mosella by Decimus Magnus Ausonius (With many thanks for a brilliant translation of the poem)

I have taken the opportunity to sign you up for Qultures' newsletter and hope you will take the time to check it out and find it a source of inspiration. Please feel free to contact us for more information at

Birgit O'Sullivan & Karen Schousboe
Farvergade 27 D1
DK-1463 Copenhagen

T + 45 5122 1979 ;;

The Qultures’ Statement
Sense of Europe – Sense of Place – Sense of Diversity

We live in a global world, a world of interconnectedness that makes more and more demands on our involvement with challenges ranging from our environment and climate changes to terrorist threats at home and abroad.

But we are also citizens in a world where it's becoming more and more clear that our roots, our heritage and our local engagements represents life as we live it. Here and now, not elsewhere. In this sense, we need inspiration on how to balance between the global and the local. This we can acquire by sharing our ideas, experiences and impressions

Qultures is dedicated to this quest for our sense of place, our sense of history and our sense of Europe.

Qultures is a media company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a broad-based European network. Qultures covers our European cultural diversity, both tangible culture such as exhibitions, museums, festivals, castles, cities, books and music, but also our intangible culture in the form of our authentic worldviews and ways of life. Qultures first product is a website full of stories, links and events on European culture, all in a tight, simple and inspiring design that uncovers Europe's cultural gemstones,

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