'Getting Started with Latin' book.

William Linney has emailed ArLT about a book he has written to help home-schoolers learn Latin. He has an extensive website at http://www.gettingstartedwithlatin.com/ where you can read sample pages. He has mp3s of the text for download, in Classical pronunciation now, and with ecclesiastical pronunciation coming, for the sake of Roman Catholic parents who prefer it.

The author says he got involved in home schooling and could not find the ideal textbook, so wrote this. He says that mothers have given him positive feedback.

The sample pages show a thorough, fairly traditional approach.

Coming from the USA, the book uses their order of cases, which some in the UK will find a disadvantage.

Among free downloads from the website are a 1902 textbook, 'The first year of Latin', the first four books of the Aeneid in a school edition with vocab and notes (1930), and an interlinear text and translation of Caesar's de Bello Gallico for the 18th century. The need to find texts in the public domain means they are all old, but some may find them useful.


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