A comparison chart of many Latin courses

This comparison chart from a Christian home-schooling site shows some of the range of courses available in the USA.

There are clearly many courses being written, with names like 'Latin's not so tough', 'Latina Christiana', 'Powerglide Children's Latin', and so on. Two familiar names are included, Minimus ('Secular but has
Christian references') and Ecce Romani. Notably absent are Oxford and Cambridge.

The 'Christian or Secular' box reminds me of the first time I read the 'Roma' story in the Cambridge Latin course. I now, many years later, admit that so far from preparing that particular lesson, I came to the story unseen. The words:

Mi Deus, mi Deus, respice me! quare me deseruisti?

with all their strong associations with the most sacred moment in Christian story, took away my power of speech for a moment. 'Lingua sed torpet' and all that.

I have to say that I came across this in the old edition of CLC, where the words come with no preparation to make one think in a Jewish context. They were, to me with my background and beliefs, so much more powerful.


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