Classical Association Texts Day

This email came today. It's about a Sixth form half-day school on OCR Latin set texts, on Wednesday 7th February 2007, 2.00-4.30pm in Manchester:

My apologies that it's taken so long to get the programme together, but you should have received confirmation a couple of months ago about the event and the date, so I hope it will nevertheless be possible for people to send me their responses within the next week.

I should perhaps mention that there will be a Classical Association visiting speaker on the same evening at 5.30pm: the speaker will be Dr Katherine Clarke, of St Hilda's College, Oxford, and her title will be “Marginal monsters: redrawing the map of the Roman world”. Everybody who comes to the Texts Day is of course very welcome to stay on to Dr. Clarke's talk, but it would be a help if you could let me know if significant numbers from your school are interested in staying, so that we can have some idea of audience size.

Stephen Todd


S. C. Todd
Professor of Ancient History, University of Manchester
Head of Classics & Ancient History, 2006/07

Tel. [0]161-275-3120

You can see the details by downloading this Microsoft doc.


Letter to The Times

A reply to Philip Howard


Mi Tempus Bonum, quo consilio Harrium Potter Romanum esse puerum affirmas? nonne perspecilla rotunda gestat? Hercle Hogvardense Schola alendus atque instituendus traditur. ibi artes magicas et barbaras cognoscit, res moribus Romanis patriciis inimicas. peracutum et breve genus facetiarum dicacitatem nominatam fert. haud dubito quin Caesare Nerone nostro Potter iudicio maiestatis persecutus esset. cur tantis delectamini nugis? manifeste puer Anglicus non Romanus est Harrius Potter. valete.

Orbilius Magister, Romae.