Magnus Maximus is today's ODNB Life

Find the biography today at

The page will be available for a week, but the link given here is to the current day's Life, so you may have to navigate from there.

Incidentally, more public libraries in the UK are subscribing to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography on line. I can now access the whole work with my library card number. Worth finding out if your library service has a subscription. Try this page.


The Independent has discovered "Amo amas amat"

The new bit in this article is the US angle. There's also the virtual invitation to any Classicist with the time and wit, to rush out a 'copycat title'. Why not?

A bidding war in the US has already topped a quarter of a million dollars – for a book which, when first published here last month, had a print run of only 4,000. Like Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots … the book is now predicted to start a deluge of copycat titles, and the publisher has ordered several reprints to stay ahead of demand since the book was published last month, a relatively late start for any title hoping to benefit from the Christmas market.

Tarragona – a Classics/Modern Languages tour?

A Sunday Times tourist article about Roman Tarragona (which mixes up the Circus with the Amphitheatre) sent me googling the city. I found a pleasant virtual tour which might inspire Classics teachers to include Tarragona in their next Spanish holiday, or even to take a school party there in co-operation with the Modern Languages department.

My own favourite Roman town in Spain is Merida, but perhaps that's because it's the only one I've visited so far.