Italian town goes Roman on 2nd and 3rd September

The flight magazine of Easyjet features Villadose (Veneto region) which holds a Roman market every year. The mag says:

The aim is to recreate as far as possible the sights, sounds and smells of the Roman world. … The streets are filled with little stalls and tabernae (taverns) , the modern signposts and traffic signs are carefully concealed with sacking and everyone … strolls around in authentic Roman costumes, including the ancient Britons daubed with woad. There is much street theatre – plays, sporting events and impromptu gladiatorial contests. The kez feature, however, is the historical parade of more than 200 people, which processes through the town, and the military demonstration given by the legionaries who are camped well outside the centre.

There's a lot more, but in an internet cafe I haven-t time to transcribe it all.

By the way, I had planned to fly on Thursday, and travelled to Gatwick to find all Easyjet flights grounded. Not a jolly day!

And, also by the way, it takes a while to get used to “y” and “z” being transposed on a German keyboard. Or kazboard ….