Scarborough Castle: "We like the Romans," she said.

From Scarborough Today

Roman's return

HORDES of visitors came out to hail the Romans as they took over Scarborough Castle – the site of a former Roman signal station – over the weekend.

More than 400 came in just the first half hour of the event, which featured living history displays, simulated battle drills, falconry and more.

Members of the Roman Military Research Society donned authentic costume and armoury to demonstrate the military and marching manoeuvres of the First Century Imperial Roman Army as the civilians watched on, impressed.

There was also the chance to discover what life was like as a Roman citizen, with displays of cookery, medicine, music, bonework, games and shoemaking.

Jean Cullen, of Scarborough, brought her five-year-old grandddaughter Danielle, who was visiting from Leicester. She said: “We came to the Norman festival last year, which was lovely, and this is fabulous!”

English Heritage member Angela Wilson, of Hackness, brought her six-year-old son Sam, who was fascinated by the soldiers' chainmail and armoury. “We like the Romans,” she said.

Other popular displays included a demonstration of burial rituals and a showcase of Roman inventions, such as the groma, a surveying device that enabled architects to plot straight lines and right angles.

Staff at Scarborough Castle said they anticipated getting at least 2,000 visitors over the weekend.

07 August 2006