A Latin teacher answers the question "Who am I?"

In checking who links to this blog, I came across a rather charming blog by a Latin teacher here.

On following the link “de me” (yes, the links are in Latin), I found this, which other Latin teachers might enjoy. How would you describe yourself?

Short Answer: I teach Latin.


Long Answer: I teach Latin. I am an actor, a choir director, a cheerleader, and a counselor. I am a scholar and a babysitter. I live more in the past (like, around 509 B.C.) than the present, but the present is richer for it. I cajole adolescents to memorize esoteric lists of noun-endings and verb-conjugations, and I smile when I see the light go on as they experience the reason why they learn these lists. I recreate history. I dress up in a Roman matron's stola. I get teenagers not just to dress up in stolas and togas, but to recline among their friends *on* a tabletop the way the Romans would have reclined *at* table. I quote Catullus and Ovid and Seneca and make them relevant to Britney Spears and the President and the girl who just dumped you and the big test you forgot to study for. I give life to Olympians who all the kids know “never” existed. I make the root of Western Civilization come alive and set kids to speaking in its language: I teach Latin.

While I'm mentioning Latin teachers' blogs, there's one by Lindsey Davis' webmistress here.


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