Why I am not writing up the most surprising lecture

Both the most unpromising title of the Summer School and the most innovative and gripping lecture belonged to Professor Jonathan Powell.

The title was: New perspectives on Latin word order.

Er, yes.

The lecture was the fruit of twenty years of work, inspired by a remark overheard in a senior common room in Oxford: “I saw a good yesterday programme on television.”

The results of the twenty years of study were almost as simple as e=mc squared. And I'm blowed if I'm going to spoil Jonathan's achievement, which he explained so simply and clearly, with humorous and illuminating examples, by making an amateurish attempt to pass on his explanations.

It will be great if he himself commits his findings to print in as simple and lively a way as he delivered them last week.

Meanwhile, silence from me! And thanks, Jonathan.

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  1. Agreed, David. And if anyone would like to hear the talk it will be available from the CA Tape Library (ref no 220) along with other papers from the summer school. (Details at resources-for-classics.co.uk.

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