Three brief extracts to keep the debate raging

From the Times October 12th:

TEACHING unions formed a united front yesterday against introducing new methods of fast-tracking experienced teachers who wish to transfer from the private to the state sector.

England lacks 3,500 mathematics teachers in its secondary schools. But in spite of this chronic shortage, Steve Sinnott, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said the rules should not be changed.

Last year 2,005 teachers moved from maintained to private schools, while 640 teachers moved from private to state schools.


What about Classics in City Academies?

The latest Sunday Times had a piece about independent schools helping with new city academies. I append some of the article. It just occurs to me that this could be a way of bringing the Classics to some state schools, who are apparently to be freed from sticking to the National Curriculum. Is there any Classics teacher whose school has been asked to help! If so, say what you think can be done. Use this blog if it helps.

Here are the opening paras of the Sunday Times piece:

TONY BLAIR is to meet the heads of leading independent schools to enlist their help in running the government’s flagship city academies.

The prime minister’s move, which risks further antagonising the independent sector, is intended to help achieve the government’s ambitious target of creating 200 academies, designed to revive standards in inner cities, by 2010.

The academies are meant to attract private-sector expertise and money. Each costs around £20m to build. Business backers typically contribute £2m.

It is thought independent schools may be asked for money, to share facilities, or to provide management and teaching help, but this could be seen by state teachers as a slight.

The great university entries quota debate

Without comment a link to today's Times:

Times Online – Britain

Spectacular pictures from NASA for Cambridge Latin Book 1 etc.

David Swift reminded me a few days ago that some time ago I collected a page of links to wonderful photos from space of a volcano erupting (Mount Etna) and of Greece, Sirmio and so on. It's rather tucked away on my site, so here's a link to it:


Livy Book 30 – I am writing notes

I gather from one or two teachers that there is not much help available for teaching Livy Book 30 for As and A2 levels. I have begun to write notes on the prescribed passages. I have done only chapters 2 (set for A2) and 3 so far, but I should like to know whether these notes are going to be helpful or not.

To reach the notes, go to the ARLT site, click on For Teachers (register first if you have not done so already) and then find and click on A level set texts – Livy. There is a link on the parallel text/translation of chapters 2 and 3 taking you to the relevant notes.

Please do post a reply to this if you want me to write notes on the rest of the Livy text. I don't want to blush unseen and waste my fragrance on the desert air.

P.S. In response to a suggestion by e-mail, the notes are now openly available here. But I do invite teachers to register for the other goodies.