That sun picture on the ARLT website

The ARLT website has recently added a link to 'Vita Latinitatis', a collection of links to living Latin sites.

Circuli Latini links to a list of 19 real-life Circuli, groups throughout the world who meet regularly, in universities or pubs, to converse in Latin.

For those unable to join people in real life, there are varied opportunities on the web.

Circuli Latini Panormitani Locutorium, a Latin chat room which functions every Monday and Thursday evening. You need to register with a username and password, and after that it seems simple enough.

Colloquia Latina is one of four bulletin boards conducted in Latin. It is run by Finnish Radio, and others are Grex Latine
Loquentium, Forum Latinum, and Rostra Nova.

There are direct links to the two regular Latin news broadcasts, Nuntii Latini and Nuntii Bremenses,
and to Ephemeris, an on-line Latin newspaper.

Feriae Latinae lists conferences held in Latin.

There is also a link to a page of links. Big fleas have little fleas …


The OCR GCSE verse prescriptions for June 2005-6

Note: Audio files have been re-located. The audio index page on the ARLT website leads to all the available recordings. – Webmaster, February 2007.

An experiment in providing sound files

A reading in Latin of Catullus poem 1 is here.