Greek Studies on Site 2014

 Greek Studies on Site is a center for the study of Classical literature and culture. It offers a series of seminars in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute at Athens. Its programs are open to students of Classics, Philosophy, History, and related disciplines, as well as adult learners with an interest in Ancient Greek culture. All seminars meet both indoors and out, with many sessions taking place in archaeological sites and museums.

Explore topics such as  Love in Greek Antiquity, Greek Mythology in Athens and Follow in the Footsteps of Socrates.  Find out more from the Greek Studies On Site website

Terrace Chants

Watch out for Jonathan Ross’ TV show tonight. It may well be featuring one or both of the Lampards.

Lampard Junior, whose qualification in Latin has been quoted by many a Latin teacher, to the extent that it has now become legendary, may be challenged to translate football chants, whose complex melodies seem familiar from the terraces, but whose Latinity is unfamiliar. Listen up for one or more of these:

Ten Men went to lift, went to lift Frank Lampard.
·      You’re going home in a F*cking ambulance.
·      Who ate all the pies.
·      I’m forever blowing bubbles.
·      We’ve got tiny (Cox) (small player called Dean Cox played for Leyton Orient)

·      Super, Super Frank.
·      Sit down, shut up. Sit down, shut up.
·      You’re not singing, you’re not singing, you’re not singing any more!

Latin versions courtesy of a well-known Classicist.

Latin in Belgium

Latin is used in Belgium in everyday life


Follow this BLOG  for the evidence!

With thanks to Johan Viroux




The Classical inspirations of Opera

Here is a request from one of our long- standing ARLT members:
Our N.Staffs CA branch is seeking a speaker on what might be called ‘the classical inspirations of opera’ as members have expressed an interest in hearing a lecture, from the classical perspective, on how opera has been informed by classical literature, myth and history. 
We seek a speaker, who is a classicist and who appreciates that the basic hybrid format of Greek tragedy is not just the ‘inspiration’ of opera but its direct origin and parent.
We are a branch with a sprinkling of classics “professionals” but composed mainly of interested amateurs so to speak, together with some with no background in the Classics at all. The age range is from (occasionally) secondary school to well into retirement age, but is certainly not one of the oldest aged membership of branches in the country. Normal attendance is from 15 -25, although we do have nearly 60 local members. We usually provide an evening meal after the talk, if the speaker can remain with us, and overnight accommodation can be offered when needed (and of course travelling expenses).
If you can help, or can suggest someone, please contact Monica Swnburne

After 2,000 years, ‘carpe diem’ still resonates in home town of Horace

From the Vancouver Sun:

A statue of Horace  stands in the centre of a square in his home town of Venosa. The Latin poet, who lived from 65 BC to 8 BC, is much celebrated in the small, southern Italian city. A hotel and a school are named after him, and excerpts from his works are displayed on outdoor wall panels that are lit up after dark

ImageVENOSA, Italy - Horace, the great Latin poet of ancient Rome, was confident of his literary legacy: “I have achieved a monument more lasting than bronze, and loftier than the pyramids of kings,” he wrote in one of his celebrated odes.

His physical monument here is an impressive tribute — maybe a bit too impressive.

Erected in his birthplace of Venosa in 1898, the larger-than-life-size bronze depicts a tall, perfectly proportioned, toga-clad figure — despite the fact that Horace described himself as being short and stout.

read more

ARLT Summer School 2013

The 2013 ARLT Summer School will be held at Roehampton University, and will be directed by Alex Smith.

Some highlights  include the Pompeii exhibit in the British Museum, Kaloi Kagathoi doing ‘Medea the Musical’, a new panel style discussion on various aspects of Classics Teaching and a host of stimulating lectures. We have a limit on numbers, so you will need to apply early to guarantee a place.

Dates: 23rd – 27th July 2013

Booking Form and further details are here

And don’t forget the Refresher Day in Loughborough:

To be directed by Hilary Walters, this is a good opportunity to share some last minute exam advice and ideas for next year.

Saturday 2nd March 2013

This lunacy about Latin makes me want to weep with rage

How can we understand our world unless we understand the ancient world first?

Read Boris Johnson doing what he does best:

Boris Johnson



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